Thursday, March 1, 2007

Idol Time!

The girls had a good night but I wasn't blown away. A few people stood out and the rest were just marking time until they get booted.

Gina Red Stripe 3+/3+ She's a good singer but so what. Most of them are good singers; you need to bring something special.

Alaina 2+/2 She was pitchy the whole time and the performance was terrible. She needs to go back to the Karaoke bar.

Lakiesha 4/4- I was disappointed in Lakiesha this week. Last week she worked it out. This week it was good but a little plain/boring until the very end. We see Midnight Train to Georgia every season (and every week at Karaoke) so you really have to bring it to make an impression with that song. Still, she's a great singer and I like her personality.

Melinda Doolittle 5-/4+ She was HOT. Her singing is incredible. I gave her a minus because I thought the song was a bit old for her (and it's my score so I can do as I please).

Antonella 2-/2 She should not be here. Why is she still here? What's worse is that she'll likely get tons of sympathy votes from those who think she's been wrongfully accused of producing porn -- I'm not linking to any of that crap, do a web search if you haven't heard.

Jordon Sparks 3+/4 She a great singer but she was so pitchy last night that it was hard to listen to. The ending was very sweet.

Stephanie 4+/4 She picked a really tough song to sing but she did a great job. She didn't Wow me like she did the judges but I still give her 2d place tonight.

Leslie 3/3+ Her song started out okay but once the music started, it just swallowed her. And I don't care how much she likes to sing jazz, she needs to leave Nina Simone alone.

Haley 3-/3- She ain't no Whitney. And what is with that hair? It was like she crimped it (first of all, OMG she crimped her hair) and then used a whole can of hair spray on the crimps (I loves me some Aquanet, ya'll). If Antonella gets to stay another week, Haley will likely take her place on the bus home.

Sabrina 3+/4 I really liked the beginning but in the end her song really fell apart.

So while the guys took a step forward this week, the girls did the opposite. The girls still weren't as bad as the guys week one, but they didn't do anything to impress me this week.

I expect Alaina to go and hopefully Antonella. Leslie or Haley would be good choices to leave as well.

My only vote was for Melinda.

See you after the results show!

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Knit and fall back in it said...

I'm just not loving this season at all. I am pulling for Melinda just because she seems to be clueless about just how talented she is. But I don't know how long I can watch the rest of them just to see her.