Thursday, March 1, 2007

Idol Time! America hates Nina Simone

Two people sang Feeling Good - one was awesome and one sucked -- and they both were booted. I'm not going to miss Leslie but Gay Jay should not have gotten the Jimmy Choo. But more importantly, what does America have against Nina Simone? Leslie did gain some points with me -- albeit a little late -- by pointing out that America apparently doesn't like Jazz (of course the TV folk cut her off right after she said it).

Nick was somewhat of a surprise for me at first. But really, Nick was the king of average. He wasn't the best at anything. Not at singing, fashion, song choice, personality, looks, height, weight, smell, nothing. Jared should have gone in his place but although Jared is a terrible singer, he's cute. He has that great skin tone, long legs, good bone structure (well, except for that big nose), and a great smile. Poor Nick was just not memorable in any respect. He wouldn't have made it to the end so I'm not all that broke up about it.

I was glad to see Alaina go, she falls apart if you don't say hello to her. How was she ever to handle the pressure of the top 12?

Here's where I get mad. Ahhhhh! Sanjaya should have went home!!! But that hair must have saved him again. Good ol' Gay Jay suffers from the same thing that Nick does. He's good but he doesn't stand out anywhere except in queeniness and America doesn't vote for queeny. So it's adios to AJ.

Leslie was on my list of possible losers so I'm not surprised or sad to see her go although I would have gladly taken her over Antonella who IS STILL HERE Ahhhh! I think Antonella got those porn sympathy votes or maybe the porn perv votes.

In other news: Domino's Garlic Bread Pizza isn't very garlicy. And it doesn't have any red sauce on it. It was just puffy bread with lots of cheese and a topping. Not that impressive.


Emma said...

America kept Clay Aiken in an awful long time. I'm just sayin'.

Knit and fall back in it said...

Emma presents a good argument for the "America doesn't vote for queeny" comment.

Eric said...

OMG, I could I forget about Gaiken?