Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Idol Time! The guys are back

Thank goodness the guys are climbing out of their shells.

Singing/Performance -- 1- (the worst) through 5+ (the best)

Phil Stacey 3+/3 I thought he was a bit pitchy and uninspiring. He's plenty likable -- that soldiering thing is real popular with the masses -- and Simon is correct that he wont be leaving any time soon.

Jared 2+/3+ Jared is not a very good singer. The performance wasn't bad. But I've seen better singing and performing at Karaoke night. Standing up to Simon was cute.

AJ (Gay J) 4/4- I still like him -- and not just because he's a homo. He had some rough spots but overall he's a good singer. I don't like the way he dances but hopefully that will get better. You're not in the club Gay J, stop waiving your arms!

Sanjaya 2+/3- I think he Can sing but he just didn't sing tonight. On the one phrase that he put some umph behind it, it was amazing, but it was only one phrase. Otherwise it was just weird and whispery like he had a cold or something. I didn't get it. He needs to step it up because that hair will only get him so far.

Curly Chris 4+/4 I like him a whole lot better this week. His dedication was sweet and the song was appropriate. Plus he sang it well.

Pedro, Nick 4/3+ I liked his cool smokey voice. That wasn't my favorite treatment of the song but it was unique which is so important in a competition like this -- until the final four and then you need to sound like everyone else. The performance could have been better.

Beatbox Blake 4-/4+ For the most part I think he was awesome. But the look and the beatbox is what makes him standout. Otherwise, he's a good singer but nothing special.

Brandon Rogers 3+/3 I love the song and it was neat to hear his take on it. But it was nothing special. He sings a lot better than he put on tonight so he was a bit disappointing.

Chris Richardson 5-/4+ The beginning was almost sloppy for me and I was starting to get confused but when he started singing . . . WOW! Plus he's so cute.

Sundance 5-/4 He did a great job with the song but the song itself was a weird choice. Whatever it takes to get your grove back so good for him.

Jared and Sanjaya are in trouble. Brandon is right behind them. They could all go as far as I'm concerned. Phil didn't have a great night but he's got enough good qualities to keep him here for at least another week.

My fav is Chris Richardson. AJ also gets a vote because I like to support the family. I Can't Wait for the Ladies tomorrow night!


Knit and fall back in it said...

I'm glad you came to our little knit nite and I hope you come back again.

Since I haven't gotten that far on the sweetheart shorts, I have decided to take your advice and do the increases like the instructions for the girls shorts. I also meant to tell you that I will put the elastic in yours for you if you want me to. Or at least help you get started if you just want to do it yourself. I don't mind either way.

Marianne said...

So nice to meet you at the knitnight last night! (the seating arrangements are a bit odd though, would've liked to have visited with you more).
Haven't watched the recording of the guys from last night, I'm really kind of glad to hear that Sundance did better this time around, I kind of like him, and I also find this a bit odd (for me) but I see potential, and also glad the guys you thought did well.....er.....well, I like them also.

Knit and fall back in it said...

As for my opinion on last night's Idol...Sanjaya has got to do something with that hair or go home. He looks like a woman that I used to work with.