Friday, February 23, 2007

Idol Time! Clearing out the deadwood: week 1

Of Course there is a review for last night's show! I had an aerobics class last night and I was so exhausted by 9 that I just wanted to go to sleep.

I love the results shows because they are sooo mean. Normally I don't go for mean but those people choose to be there and know what their in for. They line those nervous kids up and then just toy with them. heehee. And after they crush some hopeful's dreams, they make them sing the same bad song that got them voted out.

Overall, I'm not too surprised by the results show.

Firstly, I'm glad that Paul Kim didn't get enough sympathy votes to keep him in because he was just terrible. George Michael is very hard to sing and Careless Whisper is not for amateurs. Furthermore, silly gimmicks -- like not wearing shoes -- don't impress.

As for Antonella, well I guess she must have received some sympathy votes. She was as bad as Paul and maybe worse. But for what ever reason, I guess we're giving her another shot. Although, she did get the cruelest treatment last night. When they lined the first group of girls up -- just like the first line of guys -- and then went down the line ruling each girl safe until it was just Antonella and Ryan left, I just knew that she was gone. And by the look on her face, she knew it too. Maybe that will inspire her to bring her "A" game next week.

On reviewing Nicole's original performance, I think I scored her too high. Part of me was rating her potential rather than her actual performance. Big mistake. She did an awful job with that song. She's a good singer and performer, but her treatment of that song was just weird. I guess we'll never know if she could do better because she's outy.

I'm not surprised at Rudy leaving; he wasn't memorable. I can't remember anything about his performance or look. Whatever, bye Rudy.

I finished the first leg of the Sweetheart shorts and I hope to have them completely finished this weekend. Luckily Tony doesn't mind that his V-Day gift is soooo late. If I get it to him in February, that counts right?


Marianne said...

Yes, it counts.

We watched the recording last night, I wasn't a bit surprised by who didn't get to be 'safe', heh.
Would it be terribly wrong for me to say they could just go ahead and toss all the skinny little white girls out and get on with it? oh, ooooops.
I know, my bad bad bad.

Knit and fall back in it said...

My husband may not be getting his shorts in February, but thanks to Marianne he will get them before too much longer. I don't know about this year's Idol. It just isn't the same caliber of years past. Maybe it will get better, I won't give up yet.