Monday, January 22, 2007

Super Happy Crazy Fun Day!

Wow this day has almost been too much. If it gets any better I may just be sick.

For starters, I finished a lengthy Motion and Brief for Caesar, the guy who runs the place and pays me to do his bidding, that I started last week. The client for whom the Motion was written is an eccentric, rich nut-job who can't stop creating trouble everywhere he goes. I thought it would be impossible to write this motion in a way that is correct on the law and allows the client to win. But apparently no because Caesar approved!

Then I decided to get a new office chair. Emma and I share an office but the office only came with one desk chair and two fru-fru chairs (click here and scroll down to see the chairs). Of course, I get a fru-fru chair. But these chairs were only meant to be sat in for 1/2 hour at a time. I am rough on furniture. I'm twisty and turny and rocky back-and-forthy. So the fru-fru chair I've been using started coming apart and I had to bring some hexagonal wrenches to work to repair it this morning. Plus it was too low for my desk and didn't do anything for my posture.

The problem with getting a new chair is that I don't make a lot of money and I didn't want to spend a small fortune on a new chair!

So I looked at Staples and office Depot online and checked out the specials and blah blah blah. I decided that Staples had the best deal and I needed to check them out. But I couldn't find the Staples -- I've been there a hundred times but for some reason (oh yeah, I quit smoking again so my mind is all muddled) I couldn't find the damned place. So I went to the Depot.

Now I'm S L O W when it comes to making decisions and this is especially true whenever I'm having to spend a bunch of money that I can't afford. So after a half hour I settle on this mesh fabric, pretty comfy, blueish-gray chair. I tell the guy I want it and he assures me it is in stock. 20 minutes later, he tells me that the three they have in stock have disappeared. My options for that chair are to take the floor model at full price or travel across town where he assures me that they have one in stock. AHHH! So I leave.

I decide to just go back to the office and half way there I call Emma and ask her for directions to the Staples -- it figures that I had drove by it twice. I look at their offerings and am encouraged; they had better stuff in my price range than the Depot had. But one chair looks really out of place. It was much nicer than the ones I'd been looking at yet it was priced at $29.95 ? ? ? Well obviously that is a mistake; they must have left out the 1 or 2 before the $29.95. I pick out the $80 chair. It's nice, redish, leatherish, I like it. Then the sales clerk comes over to help me out. Out of curiosity, I ask about the oddly priced chair. IT'S PRICED CORRECTLY!!! WTF? Why? I ask. What's wrong with it?

Apparently the truck delivered it by mistake that morning and it was the only one. Since it wasn't supposed to be there, it was clearance priced. She said she had just put it together -- all models must have a fully assembled tester chair on display -- and had just put it on the floor. I was the first person to even sit in it. I thought it was my birthday and Christmahannakwanzika all rolled into one.

With tax and the $5 assembly fee I paid $37.01 for a chair that had a sticker price of $199! Needless to say, I thanked the Goddess/Universe/Stars/whoever-else-is-listening for such a great find that really helped me out.

Miracle number two down. What's next world?

So then I'm driving home. But first to the Grocer for dinner. A small sign next to the parking lot entrance says "Mexican Food! 33rd and SW Blvd" Now I live on the West side of Tulsa. It's a very blue-collar area devoid of restaurants or amusements of any type. And I Love Mexican Food! Score number 3!!! I turn that car around and head straight for the Mexican Food! It was alright -- not great but pretty good. I'm just happy to have a restaurant nearby that serves tacos and burritos!

Add to all this that my Glacier Donkey Pirate hat is looking even better than I'd imagined and Heroes is back on tonight! I can't handle anymore. I'm making a bourbon and coke to calm my nerves.

I don't know if it is just the positive attitude or the accumulation of good Karma points but I feel really blessed today. I hope your week is as blessed as mine has been.



Emma said...

AND only 171 days, 38 minutes and 27 seconds under HPATOOTP! Can't wait to see what tomorrow holds!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are so easily excited and having a great day! Miss you.

Knit and fall back in it said...

Hey, we "mohairs" have got to stick together. I am in Emma's knitting group and I found your blog through hers. You should join us for knitnight sometime.

Marianne said...

Dude! Look at you go! Wasn't the Pirate hat fun!
This post had me truly laughing out loud, actually had me wondering if I didn't have a much younger twin brother.....that smoking thing, I know exactly what you score on the chair....and yes, come to the knitnight!
I like the west side but not so much for their lack of 'eateries'.
Thanks for stopping by. I need to put you on my list of links!