Saturday, January 20, 2007

A couple of shut-ins

Harray! It's the weekend and I get to see Tony for a few days. The weather is bad so we get to stay shut in the house with nothing to do but . . . knit. Of course, here's Tony

Not Knitting! Nor paying any attention to me whatsoever. If you look to the right of Tony is the cursed Apron that I've had to put down so I don't go crazy. I seriously spent 3 hours on one row the other night and that is after the pattern change that I just knew would make this project quick and easy. Ha! I only wish I'd been drinking so that I would have an excuse for my inability to count to three.

New Yarn! On the left, Tony bought this for some socks. It'll be his first pair if he can put the PSP down long enough to CO. The Cashsoft on the right is what I'm using for WCTP hat number two. I love the first one so much that I need another. I've finished the lining and am about to add the main color: brown (or rather "donkey" as Rowan so elegantly called it). I think the brown and icy blue (or "Glacier") combination is a good depiction of the Oklahoma winter this year (and the skulls can represent my feelings about our winter this year).

I need to get busy on the hat but the Corned beef and cabbage that is bubbling on the stove may not let me focus just yet. Oh the joys of being a shut-in.

See you in the thaw!

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