Friday, January 26, 2007

Glacier Donkey Pirates!

Hat number two is complete! I love the feel of the Cashsoft even if the color names are a little strange (Glacier and Donkey). The sharp contrast between the two colors magnifies the wonkiness of my stitches, but I don’t care.

This particular hat has a problem that my first hat didn’t have. On the first hat, whenever I was carrying a strand across more than five stitches, I wrapped the carried yarn on the 5th stitch. On this hat, I wrapped it in the middle of the skull each time — for no particular reason except that I thought it might change the appearance of the inside of the hat. Apparently, the combined pulling effort of each wrapped stitch causes a split in the middle of my skulls when the hat is stretched. At first I thought it might correct itself in the blocking, but that doesn’t seem to have helped. I’ve considered shrinking it a bit but it’s already a good fit for me and shrinking it might make it too small. Any thoughts on how I might fix it?
Maybe it's just a lesson learned. I've never been one to dwell on a mistake if I learned something from it -- provided no one got hurt in the process. If I can't fix the skulls, I'll just call the crack a design feature!


Marianne said...

Aye, me hearty, looks to have gotten whacked with something sharp, old knife wound, perhaps?

I think it looks great, I'd go with the old knife wound.

Knit and fall back in it said...

Love the colors and I'm not sure that I would have noticed the split if you hadn't pointed it out.