Monday, January 29, 2007

$30 is my favorite price point for fine furniture.

Tony and I didn't get much done this weekend. Well, that's not true, we got plenty done just not a lot of knitting. I worked on the apron of doom and Tony worked on some socks.

We did buy some Yarn! Tony bought some more Regia sock yarn -- he loves that fake-isle stuff. And he bought 3 balls of cashsoft DK in black and one ball in red. He's planning on doing the WCTP motif on a pair of socks.

We did lots of shopping. And by shopping I mean browsing. I love browsing; it fits in my budget. Plus sometimes you find an incredible deal that makes your head spin at the thought of your good fortune.

I found such a deal at Matthis Brothers. For years I've wanted a big ol', square, leather, tufted coffee table/cocktail ottoman but they cost $500 + so I've always just looked. But I found one I could afford. The last one! I Love the last one!!!! Believe it or not, it was cheaper than my fabulous desk chair. With tax: less that $34!!!! Original price $540. And brand spankin' new! Nothing wrong with it! Just clearance. Ha! I'll take me some clearance!

Now I don't know that it exactly fits in my living room -- it is a bit big -- but someday it will!

Now I just need to find a nice tray to sit on it. Awesome: a great find that leads to more shopping!


Knit and fall back in it said...

I need to get you to take me shopping, I can never find those deals.

Marianne said...

Oh, I second that!
Good cool score!