Monday, January 8, 2007

Old knitters are sooo great!

On Sunday, Tony and I were rifling through the knitting section at Barnes & Noble when a veteran knitter came to do the same. We started talking about the high price of fancy yarn and my never-ending search for masculine yarn and sockpatterns. Eventually we exchanged email addresses.

Today when I got to work, I found that she had sent me an email full of useful links and her phone number. When I called she said she wanted to give me some things and asked if she could stop by. Well Sure! I replied.

Who could have guessed she would arrive with a large gift bag overflowing with yarn, books and notions. Ahhhh! I almost cried.

If my camera wasn't so wonky, I would have pictures to post of her generous gift.

Lets just say the package included: a two pound cone of navy blue wool blend sock yarn, a one pound cone of undyed wool sock yarn, a cone of elastic, three 50 gram skeins of Nature Spun fingering weight wool in a lovely charcoal, three 50 gram skeins of Katia Andes Alpaca fingering weight in a lighter gray, a few sock shapped tip protectors, a book of sock paterns, a copy of her own pattern (Huckleberry Socks) and a Knitting Journal.

She only asked that I knit a pair of socks for Children in Common. Well Katie, it's a deal!

Her generosity has inspired me. We have finally finished the season of receiving and now I think it's time to have a season of giving. And not just giving to those who will praise our fine work and make us feel all pretty and special. But giving to those who desparately need it. Although they may not recognize the time and craftmanship involved, they will certainly feel our warmth.

Time to go, I've got socks to knit.


Wen said...

Where is my yarn fairy? Why don't I meet people like that in the bookstore? ::sniff::

Hi boys! Welcome to knitbloglandia. People are nice here. And the yarn is fine!

Marianne said...

Oh, I second wen's comment! What lucky guys you are! And the Welcome to Knitbloglandia... come you haven't joined Emma and the rest of us at Knitnight at the library?
This is a great looking blog btw.

Fannie Pie said...

Congrats on the new office and blog!

Knitters are the best! It really is amazing how a good deed like that can make you just want to smile at all humanity! Good for you for passing on the good will by knitting socks. You too, are wonderful.