Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What do Eric & Tony like?

Knitting and gardening, of course!

I've put the Big Green Monster on hold until our knitpicks order arrives with the longer cable needles we ordered. It's currently in 40" but with more than 600 heavy worsted stitches, it's a pain to knit on at the moment. We ordered 47" and 60", and I think I may knit directly onto 60s when they arrive.

So I've started an EZ baby sweater on two needles. I think this one will be a trial run and wind up on a stuffed animal living on a shelf. I'm not crazy about the color or the gauge. The yarn is East Wind Farms Merino Sock Yarn. It's a bit too fine for US3s so I don't care for the resulting fabric. And the colors looked better skeined than wound. In real life, the yellow is a bit pea-soup vomit. Plus, I know better than to use such strong color variegation on a lace pattern.

Tony was really enjoying his first lace project but found the lace weight yarn a bit too slidey and fidgety for his first attempt at lace. So he cast it aside for now and started Branching Out in a heavier gauge: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Superwash worsted. It's actually left over yarn from some holiday knitting.

In gardening news:

Tony and I were very impressed with ourselves for building a simple little compost heap last year. And we have dutifully disposed of most all our vegetable waste into the heap every since. And even though the compost isn't fully broken down, we happily add it to all our planting sites figuring that "it's organic material, it'll be good."

Well, we still have a thing or two to learn about composting. Last fall we had an orange and a white pumpkin along with a few miscellaneous gourds decorating our front porch. When they started to turn to mush, we threw them onto the compost heap. What we didn't do: remove all the seeds.

About a week ago we started noticing strange little plants popping up in our Canna bed. We've just been watching them, trying to figure out what type of weed they must be. Then yesterday we poked around in the surrounding soil and found pumpkin seeds. uh oh. We have half a dozen pumpkins currently sprouting up in the Canna bed. So they will be removed. We may keep one if we can find a home for it though we have no need for tons of pumpkins. Luckily, we didn't use any of the organic matter in the vegetable garden -- we bought a garden mix from a dirt dealer that contained aged manure and other good stuff.

Speaking of the vegetable garden, we have mixed salad greens poking up through the soil. Weeee!

Lastly, the Irises have been bursting with color for the last week or so. We cut a few to take in the house. These are sharing a home with the Beta.

The picture is the official Tulsa Mayfest poster for 2006.

Later Ya'll,



Marianne said...

Well, I think your little EZ sweater is perfectly lovely, and ditto for Tony's lace.
I saw the EZ sweater at another site this morning, they knit garter then stockinette, omitting the fan and feather (?)... it was SO SWEET!! I may do that version. It really was pretty... just less.. well... fiddly.. babies 'can' be hell on rough on their clothes :^)

Fannie Pie said...

I like the sweater too! And the color of Tony's branching out is really so gorgeous in person!

I kinda like the canna/pumpkin combo! Maybe it's just me but I kinda like those interesting surprises:-)

good to see you and your wonderful knitting last night.

Knit and fall back in it said...

The knitting is beautiful and I am swooning over that Iris.

Better leave the little pumpkins alone. Your pumpkin patch just may be the one that the Great Pumpkin visits this year.

anniam said...

Were they pie pumpkins?? Have you made a pie from "real" pumpkins--yummmmmmm!!!

Hobbygåsa said...

Great knittings! Hope you not will discover pumpkins all over, then composting is maybe not so fun any more....