Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Stuff

New projects abound here at Chez Gays.

Tony started another pair of socks. These are worsted weight. Elizabeth Austen Andes in a green/gold colorway. He's using a 3x2 rib throughout.

I'm working on my first bit of stranded knitting since the pirate hats. This is the Bird in Hand mittens by Kate Gilbert. I'm using Cascade 220 in red and white on US3s.

I'm still working on my kpppm socks. They were restarted on US1s with the magic loop technique. But being st st, they are a bit boring.

Tony is still working on his Tigers, and his Noro is about finished.

In pet news:

Tony set up a gold fish bowl and a beta bowl in the living room -- as if we don't have enough living in our house. We also got another bamboo shrimp for the big tank.

Lastly: It's Idol Time! I'm very excited for the new season of American Idol, but more on that later.

Knit on, yo!



Marianne said...

Pretty pretty on both new projects!!

Charles said...

Youguys are so awesome!
Lot of project youguys have a alot of time!
I wish i could have more time to knit and finsh on time.

Iam really like your kpppm socks!

Hug and kiss..


Jen said...

Great new projects. I am loving your bird in hand mittens. I really love that pattern!

Eikon said...

I am a few hours away from completing my Latvian mittens. I love Fair Isle.

Knit and fall back in it said...

Mittens and socks are both beautiful and the fish are pretty cute too.

Charles said...

I also started lace warp too!
Come and see what youguys think?


Brad Rohr said...

Thanks...i should do a dishcloth.,.I have yet to make one :) I LOVE YOUR BLOG you guys made some great stuff. I especially love that dolphin dishcloth. Anywho..I am sitting here...trying to talk Don into letting me teach him how to knit. I keep telling him that he would like it if he tried it, but can't get him convinced. Thanks for stopping by the blog, are you guys on Ravelry? Give me a shout on there. Take care.