Sunday, September 9, 2007

new knits and construction

What could this be?

A Ballband of course! You can't have enough of these around.

Tony, bored with the ballbands, is making a dolphin washcloth. I think (and by "think" I mean "hope") this is going to be a gift.

I started my first Miter Square. Then I finished it, decided that I should have done it in Stockinette instead of Garter, frogged it, and restarted it.

Tony's Elfin Hat looks like a mushroom at the moment.

My monkeys are nearing completion. I finished the heel and have started the foot. I'm now looking for a sock pattern to use with my koigu.


The pool water went from a H O T 92 degrees to a CHILLY 82 degrees in one week. So it was time to take it down.

The shed saw some progress. We built the floor frame and laid the floor panels before we built the foundation. Why did we do something so boneheaded? I still cannot figure out how a couple of homos with office jobs thought they could build anything. So we built the foundation then realized that the floor weighs about 500 pounds and there is no way that we could lift and carry it ourselves. Luckily our kind and strong neighbor offered to help with the floor/foundation problem and 10 minutes later we were building the walls. In the next week we plan to raise the walls.

More to come -- but probably not until next weekend,



cpurl17 said...

I think I may be the only knitter in the universe who has NOT knit a ballband washcloth! That's a cute one.

And, umm Tony's elfin hat kinda reminds me of something else..

Marianne said...

LOVE the ballband colours!
You guys......are so funny.
and yeah...about that elfin hat...

Tara said...

I've never knit a ballband--the instructions looked too complicated for a washcloth. Maybe I'll try it sometime as they are hella cute.

I like that hat..

Knit and fall back in it said...

I also have never knitted a ballband washcloth, but I do like the way they look. Kinda sad about the pool, another season...sigh.

KnitXcorE said...

soooo much knitting, boys!!!!

I love the pink/brown combo.

Dana said...

Guess what's going to be in your Christmas stocking, Eric?

A nice dolphin warshrag! LOL

Good luck w/your shed.

Jen said...

Oh, you guys have been busy! Love the ballband and dolphin! :)

Charles said...

So much going on!
Youguys been knitting hard! Lovly colors too!

I need to knit some dishcloth for myself!!