Saturday, September 15, 2007

Homos with Hammers 2007

AHHH! We had visitors! Just look what they did to our backyard.

But while they were here, they finished the shed.

Okay, actually, we finished the shed -- or mostly finished it -- and the lawn-ring is where the pool used to sit. After the floor/foundation Snafu was fixed, the whole thing went up real quick.

Tony at work:

I thought we should leave it like this -- skylights are cool!:

Tony disagreed. Something about his stuff getting rained on blah blah blah.

The cat didn't do a damn thing except sleep.

All that is left is shingling and painting. The whole thing should be done next week.

Tune in tomorrow for knitting news.



Knit and fall back in it said...


sko_G knits said...

looks great!! you guys want to come over and build me a pergola?!?!

Marianne said...

Oh you homo guys...give ya'll a hammer and see what you do?
No kidding, what a great shed and it's big!
What a gorgeous blue sky and the perfect weather for building it,eh?

cpurl17 said...

Homos with Hammers--is that a new HGTV show?

The shed looks good--is it for excess yarn storage?

KnitXcorE said...

OMG! good job boys!

Dana said...

Your shed looks wonderful; great job!

Are you going to do anything with your 'crop circle?'

knitguyla said...

Impressive! I would never try to build something of this magnitude. Inevitably, I'd have left over parts; usually the important ones. Enjoy!