Sunday, September 2, 2007


OMG Saartje's Bootees (Ravelry) are the coolest. Or maybe I just like knitting new things and every new project is the coolest. Either way, they are a lot of fun. Actually, there is more finishing to these than there is knitting. I've only finished one and I need to get buttons (a fun new skill: sewing buttons) but I'm sure they will be done by my next post.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these (and the 100 other pairs I'm likely to knit!). I guess I'll hold on to them for a while and gift them when appropriate.

I'm also really enjoying this Men's Fingerless Gloves (Ravelry) pattern. I finished the first finger last night. These should be done just in time for fall! I think these might be a good holiday gift for my dad and/or my brother.

I've ripped Odessa for now. She is such a simple pattern which can really mean trouble for me. I start watching TV instead of counting and then I'm screwed. At least the beads are still on the yarn so the hardest part is finished. I have more than a month to get it done so I'm sure there wont be any problems that cannot be addressed before then.

Tony has been working on Felted Boxes from Mason-Dixon Knitting. First he did this red and black one (Lamb's Pride Bulky in Red Hot Passion and Onyx).

Then a blue and green (Lamb's Pride Bulky in Blue Boy and Kiwi) box which we will probably leave un-felted.

I really love what he did with the bottom of the box.

In non-knitting news: we bought a wok this week. I made Orange Beef for dinner last night. Mmmmm.

TTFN, Eric


Marianne said...

Oh, I want to come over for dinner......heh. Seriously, wok cooking is YUM.
That bootee is so cute..make you cramp kind of them!
Nice yarn and knitting on the MFG, very nice!
Tony, great going on those felted boxes, what made you decide to not felt the blue and green one?

Knit and fall back in it said...

Oh, the little booties are too cute. Almost makes me wish I had a baby to wear them. HA! I tried to say that with a straight face, couldn't pull it off. It does make me wish that I knew someone with a baby, though. The felted boxes are too cool. Great colors.

Eric & Tony said...

We didn't felt the blue and green one because it is already pretty small and we didn't want it to get too small to use.

cpurl17 said...

The orchid is so amazing.

I love the boxes and the bootie is so cute. I have some upcoming showers so you've give me a great idea!

Dana said...

Hi, I found your blog via Marianne's and I just had to write and say that your orchids are incredibly beautiful, I laughed aloud when I read what you wrote about your shed and finally (like a nice, long run-on sentence much?), the bootees are the cutest pattern I've ever seen! I jumped your link to them and promptly printed out four copies for my friends and I.

Great blog!

angie Cox said...

Hi Marianne , Hi Eric and Tony...Dana led me here to see the booties ( they are on my list too) and your fabulous orchids . They are exquisite . I just treated myself to "Kaffe Knits Again" don't know if you like his stuff but he started me knitting. Happy Knitting .angie