Saturday, August 25, 2007

Knits, Orchids, Construction -- again.

In knitting news:

I finished a Monkey. Or maybe I did that last week but just took the picture this week. hmm. I haven't cast on for #2 and I think it'll have to wait another week.

Tony knocked out this quick "Cat Squeaker" toy for Sissy. It's from the book Knitting for Dogs by Kristi Porter.

My secret sock pal got her socks! I was getting nervous and it's a relief knowing they got there safely. Go visit Marie at Compulsiveknitter or on Ravelry: knittingmarie.

I started Odessa; or on Ravelry: Odessa. This is the first of my fall/winter gifts -- this one is for a fall birthday.


In Orchid news: This beauty now has four blooms. It usually has soo many more but it got a parasite in this last year and the cure almost killed it so we are happy to see that she bloomed at all.


In construction news: we installed a closet organizer. Where we once had 6 linear feet of hanging space -- a drop in the bucket for a couple of fags -- we now have 7.5 feet plus six 1'x1'x1' cubby holes for storage. We're still using the guest room closet for all our winter stuff (and Tony's shoes) but it's a start.

The shed didn't get very far this week because I was pretty busy with work but I think the coming week will see good progress for that project.




cpurl17 said...

The monkey looks great. I sure wish I had your skill with orchids--even my fake one hates me.

Charles said...

Great monkey socks!!!
And CUTE cat toy by the way~~

Knit and fall back in it said...

Awesome orchids. And who among us couldn't use more closet space?

Jen said...

The Monkey sock is looking good! :)