Sunday, July 22, 2007

This is the End . . .

No, not for me; for good ol' Harry Potter. I'm really sad that there will be no more books.
This post does not contain spoilers.

As with the last several books released, I went to the midnight release party at Barns & Noble. I waited, and waited, and waited in line and was home with my book by midnight:15. I finished the book about 24 hours later. I had to get through it; I am totally obsessed. I'll probably re-read it in a few months so I can pick up all the parts I overlooked on my express ride through the book.

In gardening news:

We put in an above-ground pool this week.

We planted the bamboo, finally.

In knitting news:

Tony's making a few felted boxes from Mason Dixon Knitting.

I'm trying to finish my Sockapalooza socks on time. That doesn't keep me from buying yarn though. I bought the cotton for Absorba and I bought some Classic Cotton because I may start making some miter squares -- or maybe not because everyone else is doing that project.

I'll work on some pictures for my next post.




Anonymous said...

It's been so much fun this weekend reading about everyone's excitment with the Harry Potter book release!

(I'm more of a D-List fan and got a book via Amazon and am only a 150 pages or so in.)

--Your S4 Pal

Knit and fall back in it said...

You should re-read the book while you float in that new pool.

Jen said...

I too went and got the book at midnight. I am not quite done with it. I have about two hundred pages to go!

Charles said...

I great to find you on Over Abundance site!

I just let you know, I just start mine "KINTTING VIDEO CAST"
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