Monday, July 30, 2007

Birthdays and Construction and Orchids

The Birthday brought in a pretty good haul. Tony got me this light for the kitchen,

and this ball winder, and a swift that is on order. The parents gave me a gift card to the mall -- they still think I'm 12, but $100 is still $100 even at the mall -- and took Tony and I to Outback for dinner.

The Shed arrived today in a big crate. We had to unpack it from the front yard and repack it -- sorta -- in the back yard near the construction site.

Tony cleans the tarp that will cover the shed until we get to the part where we have to figure out how to put the shed together. I've always been good with following directions, but this project is the biggest I've ever tackled so I'm a bit nervous. We might find that tarp in the back yard for a loooong time.

And Lastly, the Sherry Baby is in bloom. During the day when the sun warms this plant, it smells amazing. Like nothing else on earth. To me it smells like warm sugar, blueberries, orange zest and vanilla. Tony says it smells like chocolate. I wish I could give you some smell-avision because this plant is awesome.

Thanks for the b-day wishes. Later, Eric


kaoticorchid said...

Beautiful Sherry Baby! I'll say that I have to agree with Tony-I think they smell like chocolate, too. Oncidiums are so lovely looking. Nice to find another knitter interested in orchids. Dig your blog!

Knit and fall back in it said...

That orchid is amazing. Good luck with assembling the shed. Your neighborhood looks familiar, do you live on the westside?

Eric & Tony said...

I am a Westsider.