Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Idol Time! Tonight: the boys.

I loves me some Idol! Overall . . . eh ? I certainly hope the girls do better. Even though I thought the guys could have done better, there was some definite potential in there -- and some Hotties!

So, my scores. I rate singing and performance. 1 for terrible though 5 for awesome. And I use pluses and minuses. I didn't score any ones this time -- maybe a first for me on an opening episode.
Rudy 3-/4-
Brandon 3+/3+ I was a bit disappointed in him
Sundance 2+/2- another disappointment. Boring nose singer. Bring the blues.
Paul Kim 2-/2- My least favorite. Karaoke, pitchy, no passion. Put on shoes!
Chris Richardson 4+/4 one of my favs!
Nick Pedro 4-/3-
Blake "beatbox" 4/3 Cute and nice voice but a little boring.
Sanjaya 3+/2 At least I think that's my score for him -- I fell asleep.
Chris "curly" 4-/3- I really liked him during auditions but I thought he was arrogant tonight and that's just annoying
Jared 3+/3
AJ 4+/4+ love his smile. Is he a homo?
Phil Stacey 4/3 wow he's funny looking. I like his big voice.

I voted for Chris Richardson and AJ. I would like to see Paul Kim go, but for some reason, the worst singer/performer on the first show always gets enough sympathy votes to save them. Although I scored Sundance low, I think he could do better and hope he stays. I think that Rudy and Jared were both pretty forgettable and they will each be lucky to stay another week. Sanjaya was forgettable as far as his song and performance are concerned but he'll get hair votes and cute, young kid votes plus I think he'll improve so he should be safe this week.


Knit and fall back in it said...

I watched the end of Idol last night and was pretty generally unimpressed. I am not a singer, so I my opinion might not mean anything to anyone else, but I thought they were one dog-faced boy short of a freakshow. :) I am not holding out much hope for the women either. We'll see. Maybe they can turn it around.

Taxastrikkeren said...

I like also the American Idol.Here in Denmark is it just started last week.We are a few weeks after you,but we like it anyway.

Gitte from Denmark