Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Where to begin?

Tony and I are novice knitters. In fact, I'm brand new! My business partner, Emma, is a regular pro and I've been watching her knit for a long time. Tony didn't knit too much when we first met (about 6 months ago) but lately he knits all the time -- I hope that isn't a reflection of his affections. Well, with knitting going on all around me it's no wonder I started playing with it myself.

Of course, I started off just doing row after row of garter stitch until I started getting a feel for what I was doing. Then I completed my first project: the washcloth from The Complete Idiot's Guide to Knitting and Crocheting.

I think it turned out okay. I used Lemon-Lime colored Peaches & Creme on 4.5mms.

At the same time, I've been working on this garland for our holiday tree. It's made from Walmart brand yarn in Autumn Red on 5.5mm dpns borrowed from Emma. Since it's just an I-cord, it goes really fast. Right now it is just over twelve feet long. I think I'm going to do up a bunch of various ornament, leaves, berries, etc. to tack along the way. Maybe it'll be done in time for next year's holiday season.

Since I'm feeling like a pro, Ha!, I thought I'd try the Ballband Dishcloth as a gift for my dad's wife. This time we have Sugar 'n Cream in Red and Creme.
I'm not a fan of the cotton right now. Either it is too splitty or my stitches are too tight but in any case it is a lot of work.
Lastly, here's a pic of Tony working on a ribbed scarf for his sister. He only bought one skein of the red/pink/orange colored yarn and of course it was all gone when he went back to buy more, so he's doing the second half in blue/green/purple of the same brand. I think it'll look cool when he's done.

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