Sunday, November 25, 2007

Think Pink!

We were very inspired by pink this week. Who knows why or how these things happen. I think it started with the Christmas cactus when it started shooting off little pink buds all over.

Then, just for fun, I whipped out this pink hat with some Rowan Big Wool I had laying around.

And Tony brought home a pink poinsettia -- as if we don't have enough plants.

I made some strawberry cookies in celebration of pinkness.

Then, somehow, the dog turned pink.

She started off Hot Pink, but she dried to . . . hot pink. hmmm.

After the rinse, the color mellowed.

A few days later, she's still pink but it's much more subtle.

In other news: we put up the holiday lights. We did the lights the same as last year: a string of red and white across the roof and red and white twinklies in the bushes. We did add -- you'll never guess -- red and white to the two maple trees.
But our decorations pale in comparison to our neighbor's who has once again outdone herself. Actually, I know she isn't done -- the big inflatables aren't out yet!

We had a great Thanksgiving. This year we went to Tony's parent's. I brought the wine -- and then I drank it all. Weeee! Yes I know I said I'd explore the drinking thing but I also said I'd take an inventory first, and it would be a short list without a little consumption.




Dave said...

blink ... dog ... pink ... blink

Hobbygåsa said...

Is it really true????? I see a PINK dog!!! And pink is not even a nice color.... Great mitten, I sooo love that pattern, I must try this some time. Pink... I will never forget this!

Marianne said...

Yeah, but what about 'pudding'?

The mitt is gorgeous, Tony, have you finished the second one yet?
Love the pink hat! and pink pooch.. I think when a dog is pink it just turns into a 'pooch'...

cpurl17 said...

could it be that you saw a pink dog after drinking a bottle of wine?

Knit and fall back in it said...

That dog must really love you guys.

Julie said...

I love the pink puppy :-)

The pink hat is great, too.

I passed a house today that had 4 giant inflatables in the front yard, along with a plastic light up Santa AND a plastic nativity scene!

Jen said...

Um, I love your pink dog! So cute! :)

kaoticorchid said... I don't know, Tony, I may never recover. Aren't Christmas cacti fun when they bloom as they're supposed to? The mitt is lovely and I'm glad to hear you had a good Thanksgiving.

Charles said...

WOW! Pink DOG? How gayish!HAHAHA
I love pink color alo! Lot of people dislike men likes pink but pink color are great for men and also sexy!

Awesome mitten and hat!

Alwen said...

My dogs are looking over my shoulder, the black dog thinking, "Thank goodness I'm coal black," and the Rhodesian ridgeback mix thinking, "If she starts running water I am SO out of here!"

Although if he was a hot pink Rhody mix, I would probably worry less about him being mistaken for a deer by hunters!

KnitXcorE said...

awwwwwwwwww. pinkpuppy=adoorbell.

schmom8889 said...

I am drowning in slobber and tears here ( how's that for a visual) laughing at the pink dog--omg, that is soooooo funny! I'm assuming that is the intended reaction--hahahahha.

Sheepish Annie said...

Pink is good. I like pink. Even the dog seems happy in pink!

I wonder how the Big, Fluffy Kitty would feel about a little touch of rose in her fur...

Miss T said...

I love all the pink!