Sunday, November 11, 2007

One year later

I've been knitting for a whole year now. Seems like longer. Who'd a thought I'd crank out one of these already?

The Hemlock Ring blanket is done and blocked. I really enjoyed this project and I'll definitely do another. It went surprisingly fast considering how much yarn it took -- over 700 yards. For a little perspective: it is on a queen size bed in the photo.

The particulars:

Yarn: Cascade Ecological Wool -- approximately 1.5 skeins
Color: 9008
Needles: KnitPicks Options 40" US 10 (6mm)
Started: 10/13/2007
Finished 11/08/2007
Modifications: None. I would recommend to anyone wanting to do this pattern to first read the posts in the KAL. They have some helpful hints and mods that I will use next time.

In my first year of knitting, I've made: 4 pairs of socks, a dozen or so dishcloths, a lace shawl, a dog sweater, baby booties, EZs Baby Surprise Jacket, the HRB, a felted lunch bag, a pair of shorts, two fair isle hats, and I'm sure there are a few others. Plus there are several WIPs lying about. Oh, and I have a job and a life outside knitting.

Tony's working on this:

Speaking of Tony, his birthday is Wednesday. He'll be *censored* years old.


I bought this spaceship shaped container for this interesting little plant.

And we "planted" some Paperwhites in the house.

The precious puppy got her first visit with a groomer this week. Who knew she had a face? The dumbass groomer put the cutest green bows on her. The dumbass part is: the bows were held in place by tying knots in the dogs fur. So sweet.

psst: he was born in 1972, heehee!



Marianne said...

Ah hah! My oldest son was born in '72! big 35, eh Tony? hee indeed.

Your Hemlock is gorgeous! and hey, you've only been knitting a year? I didn't know that... did I? wow, you're pretty amazing, dude.

You guys coming to knitnight?

Hobbygåsa said...

That Hemlock is great! Well done with an awsome job. And your puppy is adorable - does she not have a name? Happy 35 to Tony who has almost the same name as me - My name is Tone. Have a great week!

Jason said...

Beautiful job on the Hemlock Ring blanket. Happy b-day Tony.

Knit and fall back in it said...

Oh that Hemlock is a work of art. I can't believe that you have only been knitting for a year. I am a big chicken, I need to stop being so afraid of new projects.

Happy birthday Tony! Let's see, in 1972 I was 6 years old, since I am only 26 years old now, I guess that makes Tony 20, right?

Cute puppy.

schmom8889 said...

Holy Cow! You've been knitting just a year? That's a pretty incredible list of projects and a pretty incredible Hemlock Ring Blanket. You WILL bring it to knit night?

schmom8889 said...

AND . . . Happy Birthday Tony!

cpurl17 said...

The hemlock is beautiful! What a treasure.

Amy said...

A YEAR? I bow to your ability to quick things up quickly. Holy moly, I would have thought you'd been knitting for many years, with the beautiful things you churn out!

Dave said...

Your Hemlock came out beautifully -- well done! You've come a long way in only one year. I

Alwen said...

Oh, your Hemlock Ring is beautiful!

So are Tony's mittens. Are they double-knitted or stranded? Either way they look great!

Julie said...

Sheesh, that really is a dumbass thing to do (but the doggie does look pretty).

I can't believe you've only been knitting a year; you must have been born to knit because damn, you're good!

The Hemlock is GORGEOUS! A friend of mine has been working on one; it's hard to see what it looks like all bunched up on the needles.

Happy Birthday, Tony! I'm not going to tell you how old I was in 1972; suffice it to say Tony is young!

KnitXcorE said...

omg boys!!! the knits look gr8!!!!!!

happy b-day TonY!!!

Jen said...

Happy B-day to Tony!

I didn't realize that you had only been knitting a year. You're awesome! The blanket is beautiful!

Charles said...

Hemlock looks AWESOME!!!
Great job! Happy Birthday Tony!
I should send you some yarn for you! Email me back with your address!


Andy B said...

I would not have attempted that blanket after a year. Very nice. Also, regarding Tony-the-35-year-old's socks, I am now inspired to rip out what I did last night on my socks. I did some color work, but I pulled really tight and now it's all...tight. Tight is good sometimes. Not in socks.

Charles said...

NEW POST? What did you finsh?
I just post my new post...come and see!