Sunday, October 28, 2007


It's Pumpkin Time!

We carved a few Jack O-Lanterns:

All the carving put me in the mood for pumpkin foods so I made Pumpkin Soup and roasted pumpkin seeds.

Thursday night we went to the Tulsa Performing Arts Center to see American Theatre Company's production of The Rocky Horror Show.

Tony and I are both fans of Rocky Horror and we've seen a few drag-bar performances of the big numbers (I was even Dr. Scott one year, shhh!) but neither of us had ever seen the full musical production. What an amazing night! Chad Oliverson was hilarious and just perfect as always (and man candy to boot.) Who knew RH could get any gayer? I almost peed myself more than once. Too bad Chad may not play the role of Frank next year. I would love to see him do that every year!


Of course there has been some knitting. Look at this mess -- and there's more where that came from.

I only have 7080 stitches in 15 rounds until the bind off row on Hemlock Ring blanket number one. Of course the BO could take a week by itself. For those of you who haven't seen the pattern, the BO row goes like this:

K1, *k2tog, yo, k2tog, turn, p1, work 5 sts in next stitch (k, p, k, p, k), p1, sl 1, turn, BO 7 sts (1 st remains on rh needle). Repeat from * around.

Four stitches becomes 18 or so. That should work out to just over 2000 sts on the BO. Therefore there are about 9000 stitches left on my HRB!!!!

Better git t' knittin'



Marianne said...

Oh I just loves seeing me a good mess of knittin'!

Dudes! Those carved pumpkins are FABULOUS!!!!! seriously. I am utterly enchanted with the pumpkins.
mmmmm...pumpkin soup...
Cool you guys got to see that production... I love theater. now see, that just looks, there.
Did I read that correctly... 'Hemlock Ring blanket number one'... as in there will be at least one more? wow.
It is a beauty though.

cpurl17 said...

Looks like you had a fabulous weekend!

That Hemlock is going to be amazing.

Knit and fall back in it said...

Those Jack-o-lanterns are fabulous. I can't wait to see the HRB, you are going to bring it to knitnight, right?

Amy said...

I love Rocky Horror! I've gone to plenty of midnight showings, but I've never been able to see a the Rocky Horror Show. Luckies! Fabulous pumpkins, to boot.

Hobbygåsa said...

I like that you show the knitting mess, it is just like it looks here all the time.... And I love Rocky Horror show!! I have seen a musical production with famous Norwegian singers and it was great! So great that we bought tickets for the weekend after too, so actually I have seen it twice. Your carved pumpkins are awsome! Spooky! Have a nice day!

Julie said...

Great Jack-o-Lanterns! My daughter did a really good one recently and I'll be posting it on Wednesday.

Pumpkin soup sounds yummy!

My head hurts just reading those BO directions!

Jen said...

Oh, I am loving the jack-o-lanterns! :)

Have a good week!

schmom8889 said...

Did you MEAN to say HRB # 1? There will be more? You will need to learn to knit in the dark. My sister was a Rocky Horror nut (in a good way) I only got invited to go once, because could never stay awake during any midnight movie. HA!!

LOVE the punkins. When my kids were little some numbskull came up with the idea of decorating pumpkins to look like their favorite saint, so they could take the pumpkins to the alter. God save me, this is TRUE!! Pumpkin saints? That is close to the dumbest thing I've ever done. . . with a pumpkin.

Kyle Kunnecke said...

oh the memories RHPS brings back... my BFF in High School was Magenta in the "live" re-enactments in front of the movie... I think every Friday at midnight...

and the Hemlock Ring Blanket is but a fantasy for me (so far) although it's something I WANT to make.... (but I must admit the bind off scares me a bit!) - looks like a full day's worth of concentration to make sure I get it right :)

Andy B said...

The jack-o-lanterns are beautiful. Reminds me of driving by "Punkin Junction" every fall in Fort Worth, Texas. I wish we had that here. I once sat across from Tim Curry at a dinner in NYC, speaking of Rocky Horror. Neither one of us were very friendly. That was before his "come back." (Then we saw him in Spamalot in London about six months ago.)

Jason said...

Love those pumpkins! Especially the skeleton.

Charles said...

I hope youguys had a great halloween day yesterday!
Doe your table of knitting stuff remind me, my table looks like this too!!

I really need to finsh everything start two project!

Love and kiss...