Sunday, July 1, 2007

Ravel Ravel Ravelry!

I'm finally on Ravelry! You can find me here. And since you need a Flickr account to make the most use of Ravelry, you can find my Flickr stuff here.

I am making good progress on my Sockapolooza 4 sock but I had to frog the Spring Things Shawl -- although I've already restarted it.

Tony is about done with his first BPM.

Oh, and we are installing a pond in the flower garden. Hopefully I'll have some pictures in the next week.

Lastly, Tony and I celebrate our first anniversary on the 4th-5th -- it's debatable which day is correct so we celebrate both.


Knit and fall back in it said...

Happy anniversary! By the anniversary of our first date we had already been married for 9 months. I knew I had a good thing and I didn't waste any time, baby! I hope you are always as happy as you were this time last year.

Tara said...

Happy Anniversary!

Marianne said...

Happy anniversary!
Way to go, dudes.