Saturday, July 14, 2007

Knitting in a trance

Sockapalooza sock number one is finished again! Apparently I was in a trance and could not stop knitting the pattern even though I knew --after measuring -- that I should stop. But what can you do? And besides, my super secret sock pal has big lady feet and the original pattern is for medium lady feet. What's one extra pattern repeat? A 12 inch foot isn't too big, is it?

So the ladies at knit night graciously -- and by gracious I mean: pointing and laughing -- informed me that the sock was a bit long -- even for Sasquatch. Thank you, ladies, I needed some perspective.

So I ripped it back a pattern repeat, picked up the stitches and re-knit the toe an inch and a half closer to the heel.

In Orchid news:

We have a new one in bloom. I forget what this is called but I'm sure it's a Phalaenopsis of some sort.

Later, Eric


Marianne said...

Beautiful orchid!

Eric, I hope your pal reads your blog...I guess there might indeed be some women out there with '12+ inches in length' feet, hopefully she won't write and say "Hey! it was perfect!" ok, just sayin'...
You DO know that we love you, right? We do.

Knit and fall back in it said...

The socks, regardless of size, were beautiful.

Thay sounded a little too much like "size doesn't matter" and that is not what I was trying to say at all.

The pattern, the yarn, your knitting was all something to be proud of. You always do such beautiful work.

Eric said...

I know knit night was all in good fun. And I really do appreciate the perspective. Otherwise I would have sent monster-sized socks to my sock-pal.