Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Slow knitting week

Tony and I didn't do anything knit-tastic this weekend. We both worked on our Jaywalkers but we added knitting-in-the-park to the experience just to break up the monotony of second-sock syndrome.

When I got home Friday, I noticed that my neighbor's tulips were in bloom and since I Loves me some tulips, I just had to go to Woodward park to check out their tulips thus the knitting in the park. The park was full of people and I'm sure more than one person thought we looked like a couple of queens sitting on our pastel colored quilt, knitting socks. Luckily, I'm big and scary so no one bothered us.

Sunday we went to Honor Heights Park in Muskogee for the same purpose. FYI, Honor Heights looks terrible. That last ice storm really left that place a mess. Hopefully they can get it together before the Azalea festival.

In yarn-tastic news: I received my knitpicks order of 2 skeins of Alpaca Cloud -- Tidepool and Autum. I can't wait to start the Swallowtail. Thanks to Marianne for the tips -- I'm sure I'll need more.

Tony placed his first Knitpicks order. He's planning to do the bmp from the current issue of



goblinbox said...

My friend currently has three pairs of socks on her needles... she recently learned the magic loop method, and then bought herself KnitPick's awesome nickel-plated needle set (so smooth!). I think I might be converting to the magic loopery myself; second sock syndrome sucks!

Marianne said...

Dude, I'm impressed, posting this morning...and yeah, you know how to contact or check with Emma, she has my #, that Swallowtail is so worth it.

Knit and fall back in it said...

Sunday wwas a good day for knitting in the park. Just don't try the lace knitting thing there...too many trees from which to hang yourself.

Jen said...

Oh, knitting Jaywalkers in the park--it does sound like my idea of a good time!