Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Idol Time! Whoopie -- in a sarcastic way

This week was just bad. Even the girls were mostly blah.

Blake the beatbox 4/4+
Sanjaya 3-/2 better but still terrible. Like the flat hair, now fix the brows.
Sundance 3/3- what happened?
Chris 4+/4+ His performance was like Justin Timberlake singing country -- I'd buy it!
Jared 3/3+ He tried to hard and he's just not a good singer
Brandon 4-/3- Good singer but no personality
Phil Stacy 2/3 He'll get that patriotic vote. He has lots of personality but that's about it.
Chris Curly haired 4/3+

Jordin 4/3+ She's purdy
Sabrina 3/3- Sounded a bit screamy this week. I think she pierced my eardrum
Antonella 3-/3- Better but still terrible
Haley 2+/3- Well maybe she'll get those country votes.
Stephanie 3+/3 I was a little disappointed in her this week. Bad song choice.
Lakeisha 4+/4+ Still in love with her. She has loads of passion and that works for her.
Gina 4-/4- Go hot rocker chick! Otherwise a little karaoke.
Melinda 5+/5+ There aren't enough great things to say about her.

Now, this is a singing competition, but America doesn't usually vote on the actual singing. Note that Chris Daughtry was voted out way too early last season and that goof ball (who's name escapes me) won the whole thing.

With that in mind, Sanjaya, Jared and Phil ought to all be out but Phil's personality will probably save him and Sanjaya's boyish looks and long hair will probably save him again. Jared is cute (and what else do you really need?) so he might make the top 12 too. Although one of them will have to go or I'll just die. Brandon is a great singer but has so little personality that he might leave us this week. Blake and the two Chrisi should be safe.

As for the girls, half of them just suck and need to go and the other half need recording contracts. Sabrina, Antonella and Haley all need to go. Unfortunately, Simon really let Antonella and Haley have it and they are bound to get sympathy votes because of it. Stephanie is amazing but Lakeisha and Melinda are soo much better that it could be the end of the line for poor Stephy. Gina and Jordin are both great but while Gina has carved a little rocker-girl niche for herself, Jordin just looks pretty and sings and so Jordin could be out too. Hopefully America will throw out the non-hackers but I wouldn't count on it.

My biggest fear is that everyone will assume Melinda is safe and she'll get Daughtried (i.e. no one will vote for her assuming she's safe). So everyone go Vote for Melinda!!!!

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Knit and fall back in it said...

I am with you, this Idol season is lame. I am still voting for Melinda, but I am afraid I am gonna get bored with it soon.